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At Kellogg Industrial Supply, we offer supplies for your Sunnen Honing machines as an alternate source of quality products at a savings to our customers.  We have over 75 years of honing experience in both applications and manufacturing. Our Associates can help you with applications and recommendations. We stock a complete line of Mandrels, Wedges, and accessories. (truing sleeves, alignment bushings). We offer only Super Abrasive Honing Stones, Metal Bond, Diamond and CBN, to fit all your Honing Needs. If you are currently using Aluminum Oxide or Silicon Carbide there is a more economical Super Abrasive Alternative.

Our Standard Tools and Abrasives cover from .100" to over 6.000" Inches.  All of our tools fit in Sunnen machines Industrial and Automotive, Vertical and Horizontal.  We also offer replacement parts for Sunnen tooling.
You will find our Honing Tools and Abrasives last longer and render Superior Performance to the OEM. Our years of experience working in the Manufacture of these products have allowed us to make the improvements necessary that provide a longer lasting Honing Tool and Abrasive. We guarantee the quality and performance of our products will meet or exceed your OEM products. Our standard pricing is at least 15% less.
High Production Honing, Multi Stone Tools for High Production Application.

These Tools, are mostly Single Angle Type Stones and Wedges, for greater accuracy and Superior Hole Geometry. Larger Bore Diameters incorporate Double Angle Stone Holders and Wedges (or Cones) for feedup of the Abrasive. We will manufacture virtually any Abrasive for these tools on a Quoting Basis.  Provide us with a sample and Specifications or a Drawing of your Special Honing needs and we will provide you with a longer lasting, higher performing Honing Abrasive. We have saved our Customers over 50% in many cases.

We offer other types of Super Abrasive Honing Tools, Single Pass, Retractable, all for specific applications.

Our prices get more attractive with quantity, for example and Order Quantity of 15 Standard Abrasives provides a 30% discount.   We will stock your request and deliver when you request or ship all at once.

We have performed many hours of testing, in house and  at beta-site customers in the quality and performance of our products. 

Our products will meet and in most cases exceed your current supplier of honing supplies.  We supply and stock for all Sunnen style Honing Tools and Accessories for Sunnen Machines and Tooling.
OUR GOAL: Provide customers with a quality product, timely delivery, and service beyond their expectations. Every team member is dedicated to meeting and exceeding our customer`s needs on a daily basis.  
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