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Honing Machine

Used Honing Tools and Abrasives
A wide assortment of honing tools, abrasives and accessories are available including Sunnen Style K, L, BL, AAY, Y, and YY  mandrels, wedges, and adapters

We also provide high accuracy truing Sleeves, Alignment Bushings and CGC Bushings
Shown Below is our Multi Stone Keyway Honing Tool and Abrasives. This unit is designed to Hone Keyway (interrupted Holes) from 8mm-100mm, Unsurpassed Stock Removal Rates, Roundness and Diameter Tolerance Capability and can Be Modified for Blind Hole in some applications

Below  is our  Multi Stone Honing Unit from 20mm to 200mm for Cylindricity (Roundness) Below Right is our Multi Stone Honing Mandrel that replaces many Conventional Sunnen Style Honing Tools (P-20, P-28 style). These tools give high accuracy and excellent stock removal rates. With Multiple-Metal Bond Stones instead of the conventional one stone and shoe, a more consistent Honing process is sustained throughout your production run. . Range of work: 20mm-200mm.

Below are more of our Multi Stone Honing Units for Sunnen, Gehring and Nagel Machines

Below is our Single Pass Multi Stone Honing Unit used in High Production, This tool is used widely in the Hydraulic Valve Industry for High Production, close tolerance Hole Requirements, other applications, Non Scalding Water Valves,  Air Valves, Oil Industry Components.  Range of work:12mm-50mm.

Honing Oils and Coolants
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