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Used Honing Tools and Abrasives
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Used Honing Tools and Abrasives        

Many of our customers have drawers and cabinets full of Sunnen Mandrels, Wedges, Adapters, Truing Sleeves, Abrasives and Accessories they NO LONGER USE. Additionally we keep a list of good USED Machines available.

At KIS, we have partnered with our customers to keep a list of Surplus Sunnen Tooling and Abrasives and offer these to our loyal customers at a fraction of the OEM new price.

Many of these Mandrels and Abrasives are NEW or SLIGHTLY USED, and available immediately.  Our customers benefit from the $$ they would`ve never seen by selling these products, and the customer`s using this product save as much as 50% over new, and it is available IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!

Please send us your list, or contact us and we`ll come in and organize this inventory. We accept the list in EXCEL format and will provide a template for you to use.

Contact us for further details!!!!!

Honing Oils and Coolants